Text message (SMS) wallets allow you to easily transact in Dash using a simple feature phone. An internet connection is not required. Because text wallets require access to text messages, they generally only support specific regions. See below for details.



CoinText is a for-purpose project to make cryptocurrency easy to use to expand economic freedom around the world. It makes it possible to transact in Dash without internet, apps, accounts or complicated addresses. CoinText currently supports Dash transactions in the USA and Canada and aims to expand to over 50 countries in coming months. It is possible to denominate the amount to be sent in both Dash and the local currency, and send Dash to both phone numbers and Dash addresses.


Simply text START to the CoinText phone number for your region. For more the list of supported regions and more detailed instructions on how to send and receive payments, see the links below:



DashText is a service available in Venezuela, Colombia and Spain to allow users to transact in Dash using text messages. The only fees are the cost of a standard SMS, incurred by the network operator. Users can send Dash to innovative shortcodes to securely confirm transactions.


Simply text CREATE to the DashText phone number to get started. Further instructions and links will appear here once the project is ready for mass market.