Testnet is a fully functioning Dash blockchain with the one key exception that because the Dash on the network can be created freely, it has no value. Testnet helps developers test new versions of Dash, as well as test network operations using identical versions of the software before they are carried out on the mainnet. There are a few other key differences:

  • Testnet operates on port 19999 (instead of 9999)
  • Testnet addresses start with “y” instead of “X”, ADDRESSVERSION is 140 (instead of 76)
  • Testnet balances are denominated in tDASH (instead of DASH)
  • Protocol message header bytes are 0xcee2caff (instead of 0xbf0c6bbd)
  • Bootstrapping uses different DNS seeds: test.dnsseed.masternode.io, testnet-seed.darkcoin.qa, testnet-seed.dashpay.io
  • Launching Dash Core in testnet mode shows an orange splash screen

To start Dash Core in testnet mode, find your dash.conf file and enter the following line:

testnet = 1


Installing a masternode under testnet generally follows the same steps as the mainnet masternode installation guide, but with a few key differences:

  • You will probably be running a development version of Dash instead of the stable release. See here for downloadable builds, then choose Develop > Latest Build > Artifacts.
  • When opening the firewall, port 19999 must be opened instead of (or in addition to) 9999. Use this command: ufw allow 19999/tcp
  • Your desktop wallet must be running in testnet mode. Add the following line to dash.conf: testnet = 1
  • When sending the collateral, you can get the 1000 tDASH for free from a faucet (see above)
  • You cannot use dashman to install development versions of Dash. See the link to downloadable builds above.
  • Your masternode configuration file must also specify testnet mode. Add the following line when setting up dash.conf on the masternode: testnet = 1
  • When cloning sentinel, you may need to clone the development branch using the -b option, for example: git clone -b core-v0.12.2.x https://github.com/dashpay/sentinel.git
  • Once sentinel is installed, modify ~/.dashcore/sentinel/sentinel.conf, comment the mainnet line and uncomment: network=testnet

Testnet 12.2

The Dash team has recently announced the launch of a testnet for public testing of the upcoming 12.2 release of the Dash software. Unlike mainnet, the DASH that exists on testnet has no real value, and since its an entirely separate network, there is no risk to using new and experimental software. Extensive internal testing has already been done on the 12.2 code, but there are numerous bugs that can only be revealed with actual use by real people. The Dash team invites anybody who is interested to download the software and become active on testnet. This release includes:

Latest binaries: