Was ist Dash?#

Dash aims to be the most user-friendly and scalable payments-focused cryptocurrency in the world. The Dash network features instant transaction confirmation, double spend protection, optional privacy equal to that of physical cash, a self-governing, self-funding model driven by incentivized full nodes and a clear roadmap for on-chain scaling to up to 400MB blocks using custom-developed open source hardware. While Dash is based on Bitcoin and compatible with many key components of the Bitcoin ecosystem, its two-tier network structure offers significant improvements in transaction speed, privacy and governance. This section of the documentation describes these and many more key features that set Dash apart in the blockchain economy.

Check out the official Dash website to learn how individuals and businesses can use Dash. The videos, links and documentation collected here can help you get started, or use the table of contents on the left to find a specific topic of interest. New users may be interested in getting started with an appropriate wallet, learning about how to buy Dash and where to spend Dash, learning about safety or joining one of the many Dash community sites.

Dash Videos#

Was ist Dash?#

Armenian Crypto School has produced an in-depth video describing Dash and its many distinguishing features.

Dash School#

Dash School ist eine sechsteilige Videoserie, die von Amanda B. Johnson produziert wurde. Sie erklärt Dash von den Grundlagen an bis hin zu den eher fortgeschrittenen Funktionen.

Dash 101#

Dash 101 ist eine achtteilige Videoserie, die von Aaron Koenig produziert wurde. In der Serie werden die einzigartigen Möglichkeiten und Funktionen des Dash-Netzwerks beleuchtet. Die Serie ist in den Sprachen Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch, Spanisch and Russisch verfügbar.


The Dash Whitepaper describes the original unique value proposition and key innovations in Dash from an academic and theoretical perspective. It is a historical document available as a GitHub wiki, and no longer receives updates as new features or architectural changes are implemented. Instead, these features are described in successive Dash Improvement Proposals (DIPs), while larger architectural changes are described in separate whitepapers. Features backported from Bitcoin are described in Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs).


Die Dash-Roadmap beinhaltet Meilensteine für zukünftige Veröffentlichungen und technisch-spezifische Details zu den Plänen des Entwicklerteams, diese zu erreichen.