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Client library used to access Dash DAPI endpoints

This library enables HTTP-based interaction with the Dash blockchain and Dash Platform via the decentralized API (DAPI) hosted on Dash masternodes.

  • DAPI-Client provides automatic server (masternode) discovery using either a default seed node or a user-supplied one

  • DAPI-Client maps to DAPI’s RPC and gRPC endpoints


ES5/ES6 via NPM#

In order to use this library in Node, you will need to add it to your project as a dependency.

Having NodeJS installed, just type in your terminal :

npm install @dashevo/dapi-client

CDN Standalone#

For browser usage, you can also directly rely on unpkg :

<script src="https://unpkg.com/@dashevo/dapi-client"></script>


MIT © Dash Core Group, Inc.