Getting started#

Creating a new wallet#

When you first start your Dash Wallet, you will be prompted to choose between creating a new wallet or recovering an existing wallet. Choose New Wallet to create a new wallet unless you have existing funds stored in another wallet using a recovery phrase. Your new wallet will be generated, and a recovery phrase will appear so you can recover the funds later if you lose or damage your phone or need to transfer the account to another device. Write the phrase down and store it in a safe place - if you lose this, you will also lose access to your funds forever.

../../../../_images/ios-setup1.png ../../../../_images/ios-setup2.png ../../../../_images/ios-setup3.png

Creating a new wallet and generating the recovery phrase in iOS Dash Wallet

You may also be asked to specify a PIN or link the app with your TouchID. You can tap the Dash logo at the top of the app to view your balance. You will need to unlock your wallet for this, as well as to view your transaction history or send Dash.


Once you have set up your wallet, you will have two screens available to send and receive Dash. You can swipe left and right between the screens. To receive Dash, the app will generate an address which appears at the bottom of the screen. You can tap this to copy and share, or scan the QR code directly. Once the transfer is complete, you can view your balance, transaction history and the status of any pending transactions by clicking the menu button at the top left.

../../../../_images/ios-receive1.png ../../../../_images/ios-receive2.png

Receiving Dash and viewing your balance in iOS Dash Wallet


The Send DASH screen gives you two options to enter the payment address: Scan QR Code or Pay Address From Clipboard. You can choose to use InstantSend for instant confirmation, or disable this to send a normal transaction which will require more time for confirmation. Depending on the code you are scanning, the amount of Dash requested may be included, or you can enter it yourself. A confirmation screen will appear to explain the fee structure and request your unlock code (PIN or TouchID). The transaction will then be sent.

../../../../_images/ios-send1.png ../../../../_images/ios-send2.png ../../../../_images/ios-send3.png ../../../../_images/ios-send4.png

Sending Dash from iOS Dash Wallet