Earning and Spending

Dash is designed from the ground up to function as digital cash. This documentation discusses how and where Dash users can manage all of their personal finances using Dash.


A range of services and businesses are available to convert your wage to and from Dash as you receive it. It is of course easiest to receive payment from your employer in Dash directly, however this may not always be an option. Uphold allows you to instantly and automatically convert any received deposits to and from Dash. Building on this functionality, Bitwage allows you to invoice and receive payment from any employer, practically anywhere in the world, and have a percentage of your wage immediately converted to Dash. You can then withdraw your wage to any Dash wallet for spending or saving. For more information, see the following blog posts:


Merchant Directory

Dash can be spent in hundreds of stores and services both online and in physical locations.


Discover Dash lists businesses around the world accepting Dash, sorted by category. It’s easy to add your business to the list, and also features a short introduction for new Dash users. The site is maintained by Dash Force, and has been featured on Dash Force News.

Debit Cards

Debit cards work by prepaying in Dash to load the account, then withdrawing cash from an ATM or spending online or anywhere debit/credit cards are supported. The Dash is either exchanged at the time of purchase or in advance. For an overview and review of all available and upcoming cards, including cards funded by the Dash budget system, see this article on Dash Force News.

The rapidly evolving approach to regulation of cryptocurrencies such as Dash and instant exchange solutions such as ShapeShift means that availability of debit cards cannot be guaranteed in any or all jurisdictions. Check with the following providers for updates on the availability of Dash debit cards.

Disclaimer: This list is provided for informational purposes only. Dash Core is not liable for any funds transmitted in error to these providers, or for the accuracy of information on this page.



Shakepay is a virtual (Android & iOS) and plastic card backed by VISA and usable in Canada. The card can be loaded with Bitcoin, Dash and Ethereum, and balances tracked in USD, CAD and EUR. See here for a review by Dash Force News.



Wirex offers a cryptocurrency wallet, money transfer and cryptocurrency sales, with a physical card potentially available again soon. On October 2, 2017 Wirex announced a partnership with Dash and integration of Dash funding on Wirex cards.



The FuzeX Card & FuzeX Wallet strive to offer an all in one payment solution that provides a smarter way to pay. The card offers real-time exchange of cryptocurrency at the time of purchase. The goal is to make paying with cryptocurrency secure, fast and a seamless process for everyday use.



Paycent provides Android and iOS wallets that can be funded using both fiat and cryptocurrency. Users can transact with one another within the app, identified by their mobile numbers, or order physical debit cards to spend their balance. Dash is the preferred network partner of Paycent.



Spectrocoin offers an exchange, wallet and POS service, with a physical card potentially available again soon. Dash, Bitcoin and Ethereum are supported, as well as over 20 major fiat currencies.



MoneyPolo offers currency exchange and transfer, prepaid cards and the ability to hold accounts in a range of currencies. Deposits and withdrawals are available in DASH, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and BTG, and it is possible to transfer value to a prepaid card or any worldwide bank account.



Bitwala is currently preparing legal documentation to re-launch it’s card service in Europe, and has supported Dash in the past.



TenX is in discussions with regulatory authorities to launch an integration of Dash with their wallet app and physical cards.


Taxation law is different depending on where you qualify as a resident for tax purposes. The following services are available to help you calculate your tax obligations.