API 服务#


  • 交易广播

  • 汇率

  • 货币兑换

  • 发票生成


  • 向达世币网络公告交易信息。

  • 通过HD钱包生成地址。

  • 通过WebHooks处理支付。





开源 REST API 给你提供一个方便强大而简单的读取 Dash 网络和利用它构建你自己服务的方式。开始使用 Insight API 和 Insight UI 区块浏览器的实用手册 <insight-api>

  • 功能:交易的广播和WebSocket通知。

  • 定价:免费/开源

  • Documentation: dashpay/insight-api








BitGo 提供一个简单有力的 RESTful API 和用户 SDK 来为你的应用整合数字货币钱包。同时支持 Dash 即时发送。

  • 功能:多用户签名 HD 钱包,钱包操作,WebSocket 和 WebHook 通知,保管解决方案

  • 价值模型: 每个 API 调用

  • Documentation: https://app.bitgo.com/docs/




Cryptocurrency wallet, merchant & API provider. Blockmove is a simple and easy way to start accepting payments in cryptocurrency.

  • Features: Non-custodial wallet, HD Wallet, High anonymity, Low fees. Private keys are not stored and are available only to the user.

  • Pricing Model: API - 0.3% for withdrawal transactions. Merchant - 1 year free, then $49/month

  • Documentation: https://docs.blockmove.io




NOWNodes provides simple, fast, and secure RPC access to Dash-based full nodes. The low latency and high performance is of great use to researchers and businesses such as crypto miners or hardware wallet providers.




Tokenview provides a Dash API, making it easy for developers to create cryptocurrency payment applications and develop Dash dApps. Monitoring and alerts features are available to notify applications of balance changes in real time.

  • Features: Fully access Dash historical and real-time on-chain data for non-custodial wallet, HD wallet. High performance and high availability.

  • Pricing Model: Free up to 1 million requests, pricing tiers.

  • Documentation: https://services.tokenview.io/docs?type=api




CoinPayments is an integrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies such as Dash. Shopping cart plugins are available for all popular webcarts used today. CoinPayments can help you set up a new checkout or integrate with your pre-existing checkout.

  • Features: Invoicing, Exchange Rates, WebHook Callbacks. CoinPayments holds Private Keys on their server allowing merchants to withdraw funds in Cryptocurrency or convert to fiat.

  • 合作商:aMember Pro、Arastta、Blesta、BoxBilling、Drupal、Ecwid、Hikashop、Magento、OpenCart、OSCommerce、PrestaShop、Tomato Cart、WooCommerce、Ubercart、XCart及ZenCart

  • 定价:收取0.5%的交易费用(https://www.coinpayments.net/help-fees)

  • 说明文档的链接: https://www.coinpayments.net/apidoc


You can add a simple price ticker widget to your website using the simple code snippet generator from CoinGecko.

Similar widgets with different designs are available from CoinLib and WorldCoinIndex, while an API providing similar information is available from DashCentral.


Many wallets can generate QR codes that are scannable to simplify entry of the Dash address. Printing these codes or posting the on your website makes it easy to receive payment and tips in Dash, both online and offline.

  • In Dash Core, go to the Receive tab, generate an address if necessary, and double-click it to display a QR code. Right-click on the QR code and select Save Image to save a PNG file.

  • Android版达世币钱包的用户可以点击 申请付款 ,然后点击放大二维码,并截图保存。

  • iOS版达世币钱包的用户可以向左滑动,找到 接收达世币 页面。此时,页面上将显示二维码和达世币地址,用户就可以截图保存图像了。

  • 如需生成任何达世币地址的二维码,用户可以访问 CWA 二维码生成器 页面并复制粘贴地址,以便生成二维码的图像。