本指南介绍了如何下载、安装和加密macOS Dash Core钱包。指南是基于macOS Sierra的,但其他相似版本的步骤类似。

下载Dash Core钱包#

Visit to download the latest Dash Core wallet. In most cases, the website will properly detect which version you need. Click Download Installer to download the installer directly.



If detection does not work, you will need to manually choose your operating system. Go to and select the macOS tab, then click Download Installer. Save the file you downloaded to your Downloads folder.

验证Dash Core#

This step is optional, but recommended to verify the authenticity of the file you downloaded. This is done by checking its detached signature against the public key published by the Dash Core development team. To download the detached signature, click the Installer Signature button on the wallet download page and save it to the same folder as the downloaded binary (which should be by default). You may also need to download GPG, which you can do via

All releases of Dash since 0.16.0 are signed using GPG with the following key:

Open a terminal, import the keys and verify the authenticity of your download as follows:

curl | gpg --import
gpg --verify dashcore-20.1.1-osx.dmg.asc


If you see the message Good signature from ... then you have an authentic copy of Dash Core for macOS.


If you have your own key configured, you can eliminate warnings from the verification output by signing the imported key before verifying:

gpg --quick-lsign-key "29590362EC878A81FD3C202B52527BEDABE87984"
gpg --verify dashcore-20.1.1-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz.asc

安装Dash Core#



打开Dash Core .dmg文件#

将Dash Core应用文件拖拽到你的应用程序文件夹中进行安装。


安装Dash Core#

首次运行Dash Core#

第一次运行Dash Core钱包时,打开Launchpad或者找到Finder中的Applications文件夹,双击Dash CoreDash-Qt来启动应用程序。可能会有一个报警提示你打开了一个不可识别应用。为解决此问题,右键点击应用图标并从快捷菜单中选择打开,在对话框中再次点击打开。这时应用程序在你的安全设定里就会被存成特例,将来你可以通过双击打开它,就像打开已注册的应用那样。


解锁macOS,运行Dash Core#

The first time the program is launched, you will be offered a choice of where you want to store your blockchain and wallet data. Choose a location with enough free space, as the blockchain can reach 45GB+ in size. It is recommended to use the default data folder if possible.


选择Dash Core数据文件夹#

Dash Core随后便开始运行了。第一次运行会比正常情况时间久一点,因为Dash Core需要生成一些加密数据来保护你的钱包。


启动Dash Core#

Dash Core和达世币网络进行同步#

Once Dash Core is successfully installed and started, you will see the wallet overview screen. The status bar at the bottom of the window will show the synchronization progress.


Dash Core和达世币网络同步#

在同步过程中,Dash Core会从其它节点下载达世币区块链的完整拷贝到你的设备上。这可能会花上很长的一段时间,取决于你的网速。如果你看到“没有区块资源可用”的信息,请检查你的网络连接。当同步结束后,你会看到右下角出现一个蓝色的对勾。


Dash Core同步完成#

You can now create a wallet to send and receive funds.

Creating your Dash Wallet#

在 v20.1.0 版本加入: HD wallets are now created by default.

If no wallet files are loaded, you will get this prompt in the Overview tab. To create a wallet, click the Create a new wallet button or click File -> Create Wallet. HD wallets are created by default. See the advanced topics section for information about HD wallets.


You will be prompted to create a new wallet with a custom wallet name. By default, your wallet will be encrypted. You may choose to uncheck the box and encrypt the wallet later. We have included instructions on how to encrypt your wallet in the following section.


If you do choose to encrypt now, you will be asked to enter and verify a password.



Following that, you will get a standard warning.



The following section will detail the steps you need to follow if you choose to encrypt your Dash wallet later.


加密你的钱包,请点击设置 > 加密钱包








当加密过程结束后,你会看到一条提示说钱包之前的备份已不可用,并要求关闭Dash Core。当你重新启动Dash Core后,你会看到右下角出现了一个蓝色的小锁。


Dash Core钱包完成同步和加密#