Carteira Dash Core#

Dash Core Wallet is the full official release of Dash, and supports all Dash features as they are released, including InstantSend and CoinJoin, as well as an RPC console and governance features. Dash Core Wallet (sometimes known as the QT wallet, due to the QT software framework used in development) is a professional or heavy wallet which downloads the full blockchain (several GB in size) and can operate as both a full node or masternode on the network. Because of the requirement to hold a full copy of the blockchain, some time is required for synchronisation when starting the wallet. Once this is done, the correct balances will be displayed and the functions in the wallet can be used. Dash Core Wallet is available for macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Windows.


  • InstantSend

  • CoinJoin

  • Criptografar carteira

  • Controle de moedas e controle de taxas

  • Gerar QR code e livro de endereços

  • Comandos de Masternode e votação

  • backup automatico

  • Debug console

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Carteira Dash Core#